Understanding taxes and meeting your taxation obligations can save you money. By paying the right amount you can avoid late payment penalties. You may also be entitled to exemptions or Tax Refunds.

Let’s face it, we all hate having to do a tax return, but getting a refund makes it all worthwhile. Let us take the hassle out of doing your tax return. We will get you the maximum refund legally possible so you can enjoy the gain without the pain.

Your tax return is completed on the spot. One appointment and you are done.

We will use our knowledge and experience to ensure you get the maximum refund legally possible.

No cash, no worries. Our fees can be either deducted direct from your refund or pay through EFTPOS, Using debit / Credit Cards. Don’t wait for a cheque to clear have your refund banked straight into your bank account.

Rental properties, managed funds, trust distributions, zone offsets. Throw anything at us, nothing’s too hard.

Find out about the different types of taxation, registration, deductions, payments:
  • Taxation Planning
  • Taxation Audits
  • Fringe Benefit Tax (FBT)
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST)
  • Salary Packaging
Tax affects every individual, public, private and multinational company, each with their own unique set of challenges, demands and regulations. What is common amongst all taxpayers, is the need for an efficient tax strategy. How we can help? Australia’s tax regime is as comprehensive and complicated as any in the world.  There are frequent changes to legislation and regulations – but working with our experienced Chartered tax advisors gives our clients the security that their tax affairs are in safe hands.  They can get on with the business of running their business – and leave the worry and the detail to us. Adel EL Hassan & Co will collaborate with you in the effective management of your tax position by providing timely, accurate and proactive commercially focused tax solutions, designed to identify and manage your tax risks, maximise opportunities by considering their tax implications, and ensuring compliance with ATO regulations. What are the benefits? The benefits of partnering with us for tax advice and compliance include:
  • Streamlined and systematic approach to direct and indirect taxes including employment tax, income tax, BAS, GST, PAYG, fringe benefits tax, capital gains tax, payroll tax, stamp duty, etc
  • More productive and profitable use of you and your staff’s time and energy through the efficient and effective preparation of end of year financial statement reports and tax returns
  • Assurance that the job will be done properly and you are in full compliance, minimising errors which can be costly in terms of resources, penalties and fines and most especially in loss of trust by key stakeholders